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– Hey guys! Marcy and Jamie here from the Wild Foods team and we are so excited to introduce to you guys our brand new Wild Foods coffee shop. (upbeat music) Here’s why it’s a one-of-a-kind experience, what we sell is extremely unique. So we use our own premium ingredients sourced from small farms around the world. – So everything we sell specializes in Keto, Paleo, and also Vegan.

And we’re gonna offer superfood lattes of all sorts, as well as give you the opportunity to shop our products right in store. It’s gonna be an amazing experience. – And what we’ll offer in terms of culture is unprecedented. We’re gonna host classes of all kinds at the shop, nutritional, health-related, and lifestyle. Our goal is to become the haven of the health-conscious Austinite, because we want to equip society with the tools they need to navigate a treacherous food world.

– So now, we want to show you guys what it’s all about, come on inside. (upbeat music) So this is our marketplace, and here you wil find a variety of oils, fish oil, MCT oil, collagen powder and we’ve got a ton of superfood mushrooms. As well as superfood powders of all kinds. And this is where we sell our coffees. We source from a variety of different climates, different regions and support fair trade.


This is my favorite coffee bean, it is our Not Quite Decaf and it’s 50% caffeinated, 50% decaf. And now Jamie’s gonna show you the best part of the coffee shop and that is the coffee shop itself, let’s go check it out. – So guys, here it is. This is going to be our coffee bar. We’re gonna be brewing up all of our amazing Wild Foods recipes.

We’ve got everything from our traditional butter coffee to golden milk, matcha latte, freshly brewed teas, freshly made pourovers. We want to give you guys the premium experience that you deserve and unlike other coffee chains out there, you guys know what I mean, we don’t use enormous amounts of sugar, we don’t even offer that. Instead, we use natural sweeteners to get somewhat of the same effect but not ruin your body in the process. We are so excited for you guys to come check out this wholesome real food experience. We think you’re going to love it and really it sets us apart from the others out there.

– Come check us out, cheers! – Cheers!.